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Transportation Funding

Our roads are in bad shape.

One in five state highways now needs repair. That's the worst conditions we've had in 40 years. Our Interstate system is hard up as well. Patching and resurfacing have provided a band-aid for the problem, but the system needs to be rebuilt from the ground up.

Meanwhile, the user fees that finance highway repairs are eroding. Local roads, which carry 40% of traffic in the State of Illinois, have been receiving a smaller and smaller piece of the funding pie. Federal, State, and local highway projects need reliable, predictable, multi-year funding.

We need a plan to repair our Interstates and our State and local highways.

On May 2, 2016, former Illinois Secretary of Transportation Kirk Bown and Tazewell County Engineer Craig Fink spoke to national, state, and local decision-makers and the public about the transportation hole that we've found ourselves dug into. Secretary Brown provided a global view of Illinois's transportation problems and stressed the need for a surface transportation plan: a grounded, fiscally-constrained road map for repairing and maintaining state highways. Mr. Fink emphasized the burden that unfunded mandates and shrinking revenue shares put on local roads.

Below are links to a variety of information related to transportation funding, both in the Tri-County Region and statewide. Use these resources to educate yourself on how your roads get paid for, how neglected your roads have become, and how your local, State, and Federal decision-makers can make a surface transportation funding plan a reality.

WE NEED A PLAN Transportation Funding Flyer PDF
Secretary Kirk Brown's May 2, 2016 Presentation YOUTUBE
Craig Fink's May 2, 2016 Presentation YOUTUBE
Craig Fink - May 2, 2016 PowerPoint PDF
Craig Fink - Highway Funding Trailer  PDF
Craig Fink - Unfunded Mandate Data PDF
Kirk Brown - May 2, 2016 Transcript PDF
MFT Distributions: Municipal - Township Road District - County XLS


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