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Request for Qualifications: City of Peoria Traffic Counts

Tri-County Regional Planning Commission (TCRPC) requests statements of qualifications from interested firms to provide traffic counts at three intersections in Peoria, Illinois. These traffic counts will allow the City of Peoria to test the existing traffic versus the standards in the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices to determine if traffic signals are warranted at the intersections.

Statements of qualifications will be accepted until 4:00 pm, Friday, April 21, 2017. Qualifications received after that date and time will not be considered. Tri-County Regional Planning Commission staff will review all qualifications and award a contract to one firm. Two paper copies and one digital copy of the statement of qualifications shall be provided.

Intersections to be studied are:

  • Prospect Road and Tripp Avenue (signalized, older equipment);
  • Adams Street and Sloan Street (signalized, older equipment); and
  • University Avenue and Teton Drive (not currently signalized).

Questions concerning this proposal should be addressed to Ryan Harms, Planner, rharms@tricountyrpc.org

Questions from potential proposers will be answered in a timely manner until April 19, 2017 at 4:00pm, after which time no additional questions will be answered. All questions and answers will be posted publicly at http://www.tricountyrpc.org/rfp.

More information may be found in the full PDF of the RFQ, available here.PDF

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