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Illinois River Protection and Restoration Project

The Illinois River runs through the heart of the tri-county region.  This natural resource provides wildlife, recreation, beauty, and transportation.  With every rain, the River accepts waste from the landscape.  The River swells and retreats, sometimes at the dismay of those in the floodplain.  The Watershed cracks and erodes to accommodate increased flow.  The River is a place our community celebrates.  The River is a place our community reflects.  The River is valued, but the impacts of human activity are not genuinely appreciated.  Tri-County Regional Planning Commission works with local, state, and federal partners to engage the nation in realizing and appreciating human impacts on this River to develop a sustainable, healthy relationship between the River and the people who enjoy it.

Our Projects

Ravine and Stream Stabilization

Tri-County Regional Planning Commission has partnered with Illinois Environmental Protection Agency  to fund ravine and stream stabilization projects throughout the region.  These projects, funded, in part, by Section 319 of the Clean Water Act were necessary to stabilize ravine and stream systems eroding due to increased surface water flow from sidewalks, roads, houses, turf grass, row crop agriculture and other surfaces altered from their native landscapes.  

River Action League

River Action League is a citizen-based volunteer data collection network.  Citizens can check out kits from Bradley University and other designated locations and collect water samples and data on the rivers and streams of the tri-county region.  Data is submitted to Bradley and is then uploaded to a regional data clearinghouse through Tri-County Regional Planning Commission.  The goals of this program are two-fold, provide a means to generate long-term data on local waterways, and generate a sense of connectivity between the people of the watershed and their water systems. 


Tri-County Regional Planning Commission has partnered with local jurisdictions, educational institutions, and The Natural Resources and Your Development Task Force to develop educational materials.  These include a stormwater video, manuals, and brochures all of which can be found on our documents page.  In addition, TCRPC has available WaterMarks, a CD-ROM interactive educational program complete with lesson plans targeted at grades 6-8.  

Forest Management

Forest management on the bluffs is an ancient tradition of burning the woodlands, the result of which is the proliferation of dense, deep rooted grasses and flowers.  This vegetation holds the hillsides in place.  TCRPC has partnered with Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, United States Department of Agriculture, Peoria Park District, and dozens of homeowners to restore hundreds of acres of forested bluff in the region.  For more information on forest management, please see our Forest Management project page.

Watershed Planning

TCRPC is a lead agency for the region in watershed planning for the preservation and restoration of the Peoria Lakes of the Illinois River.  Our watershed plans can be found on our Environmental Documents page.

Our additional Involvement

Tri-County Regional Planning Commission participates on Peoria Lakes Basin Alliance and the committee for the Biennial Governor’s Conference on the Management of the Illinois River System.

Regional Stormwater Video

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