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Stream Buffer Ordinance

This ordinance was developed by the City of Peoria to reduce soil erosion and improve water quality in rivers and streams.

Steep Slope Protection Model Ordinance

This model ordinance can be adapted by communities to reduce soil erosion and mitigate negative impacts such as poor water quality and property damage.

Mossville Bluffs Watershed Restoration Master Plan

The Illinois River Bluffs are a large contributor to Illinois River sedimentation due to the nature of the steep slopes, highly erodible soils, and adjacency to the Illinois River.  This plan identifies solutions to erosion control that are specific to bluff communities.

Farm Creek Watershed Management Plan

The Farm Creek Watershed drains 40,000 acres in Tazewell County and is a major contributor of sediment to the Illinois River at Peoria Lakes.  This plan aims to identify erosion control solutions within the watershed.

Central Illinois Guide to Urban Stormwater Best Management Practices

This is a guide containing the how-to’s of planting native gardens and using rain barrels, rain gardens, and other best management practices to reduce stormwater runoff from the typical urban lawn.

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