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Stormwater Utilities: What They Are and Why We Need Them - 2014

This PowerPoint presentation explains the purpose of a stormwater utility. It is a companion report to the Stormwater Utility Feasibility study from April 2014.

Stormwater Utility Feasibility Study - April 2014

Thirteen governmental agencies within the Tri-County area participated in a study whose objective was to evaluate the stormwater utility concept and to determine whether it is capable of bringing an adequate, stable, dedicated, and equitable method of funding stormwater management to the participating entities. The thirteen participants were: the Cities of Peoria, East Peoria, West Peoria, and Pekin; the Villages of North Pekin, South Pekin, and Bartonville; Peoria County; and Limestone, Cincinnati, Hollis, Washington and Morton Townships.

Honoring Our Water: A Regional Stormwater Plan for Peoria, Tazewell, and Woodford Counties of Central Illinois 2009

This plan outlines recommendations for improving stormwater management throughout Peoria, Tazewell and Woodford Counties.  The plan won an award from the Illinois Chapter of the American Planning Association in 2009

The Ackerman Creek Watershed Restoration Plan 2004

Ackerman Creek is a major tributary to Farm Creek that drains below the Farmdale reservoir, a dam that tends to capture sediment from upstream sources.  Ackerman is a major source stream for sediment and this plan aims to identify more specific measures for erosion control within this targeted watershed

The Tenmile Creek Watershed Restoration Plan 2004

The Tenmile Creek Watershed drains 11,000 acres in Tazewell and Woodford Counties and is a major contributor of sediment to the Illinois River at Peoria Lakes.  This plan aims to identify erosion control solutions within the watershed.

The Partridge Creek Watershed Restoration Plan 2004

The Partridge Creek Watershed drains 18,000 acres in Woodford County and is a major contributor of sediment to the Illinois River at Peoria Lakes.  This plan aims to identify erosion control solutions within the watershed.

Central Illinois Committee on NPDES Phase II Storm Water Regulations (CICN)

  • CICN News Articles- These local news articles discuss CICN communities and their stormwater management efforts.
  • CICN Ordinances- These ordinances from CICN communities address NPDES Phase II minimum control measures.
  • CICN Video- CICN, TCRPC, and Bradley University collaborated to produce this educational video about stormwater management in central Illinois.

Low Impact Development Model Ordinances

These model ordinances enable low impact development, a set of practices designed to manage stormwater runoff in a way that improves the water quality of rivers, lakes and streams.  These ordinances address zoning, subdivision development, stormwater management and parking.

Tri-County Unified Stormwater Ordinance

This model ordinance outlines a stormwater management program to improve water quality, reduce flood damage, and facilitate sustainable development.

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