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ciCarpool was a web-based ride-matching system that allowed for individuals living and working in Central Illinois to find carpool partners.  The program was launched in January 2011 in an effort to improve the region's air quality.  The system matched users based on proximity to origin, destination and travel route, and over 300 commuters signed up for the program. 

Clean Air Action

Clean Air Action is an ongoing initiative that first kicked off in 2009 to maintain clean local air and encourage individuals, in addition to business and industry, to take common sense measures to keep ozone levels down and reduce pollution.  The effort began after the USEPA tightened the standards for acceptable levels of ozone from 80 parts per billion (ppb) to 75ppb.  The Commission works with local media outlets to issue Clean Air Action alerts on days that are forecast to be favorable for elevated levels of ozone and to porvide the public with information about ways to help.  Below is a list of ten proven strategies:

Now, as of October 2015, the US EPA ozone threshold has been lowered further to 70 parts per billion (0.070 ppm).  Below is a graph showing the three year averages in Peoria and Peoria Heights.  While the region is still in attainment at the lowered level, four of our data points on the chart are shown to be above the new standard. Therefore, continued monitoring of air quality remains a priority for TCRPC now, and in the coming years. 


City Link

The Greater Peoria Mass Transit District, or CityLink, has made efforts to reduce the impact their buses have on air quality in the region.  In 2011, they received 21 new buses, all of which operate using a 20 percent biodiesel mix purchased from Ag-land FS.  The exhaust leaving each bus is cleaner than the air taken in by the engine.  By early 2013, CityLink expects to have the entire 47-bus fleet replaced with these new, cleaner vehicles. 

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