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American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)

On February 17, 2009, President Barack Obama signed into law the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, commonly called the 'stimulus bill or package.' The purpose of the Act is to create jobs, help the country recover from a recession, and invest in transportation and infrastructure that will provide long-term economic benefits to the nation.

The Peoria-Pekin Urbanized Area Transportation Study (PPUATS) is responsible for deciding how to spend $5.58 million for transportation improvements in the urbanized area. At its April 1, 2009 meeting, PPUATS decided to distribute the funds to member jurisdictions based on the member's percentage of MFT funding.

The following projects have been approved for ARRA funding:

Jurisdiction Location Task Amount of ARRA funding
City of Peoria Northmoor Rd from Sheridan Rd to Knoxville Ave Roadway reconstruction $1,056,500
City of Peoria University St Partial overlay $451,500
East Peoria Highview Dr. from Oakbrook to Highview Ct. Infrastructure improvements $294,083
Tazewell County Intersection of IL 9 and access road to Tazewell Complex Install turn lane $420,000
Tazewell County Dee-Mack Rd. from Tazwood Rd. to Eureka Rd. Mill and overlay $320,000
Tazewell County Allentown Rd. from Springfield Rd to I-55 Mill and overlay $446,000
Peoria County Northmoor Rd. from Sheridan Rd. to Knoxville Ave Roadway reconstruction $1,056,500
Peoria County Kickapoo Edwards Rd. from IL 150 to IL 8 Mill and overlay $129,719
Morton N. Main St. from Birchwood to E. Jackson St. Mill and overlay $212,838
West Peoria Heading Ave. from Main Ave. to Sterling Ave. Mill and overlay $60,800
Bartonville Garfield Ave. from Adams St. to Lawndale Ave. Mill and overlay $80,564
Washington Kern Rd. from Hillcrest to S. Wilmor. & S. Wilmor from Kern Rd. to 550' S. of US Bus 24 Mill and overlay $168,112
Pekin Parkway Drive from Court St. to Willow Mill and overlay $432,000
Peoria Heights North Prospect Rd. from Lake St. to Kingman Ave. Mill and overlay $84,713
Creve Couer Fisher Ave. from Il 29 to S Trojan Ct. Mill and overlay $69,558
Woodford County Douglas Road from Woodford Co. Line to IL 116 Mill and overlay $400,000

Other projects not included in the $5.5 million:

Organization Location Task Amount of ARRA Spending
IDOT Legion Hall Rd. to West of Alta Rd. Infrastructure improvements $1,000,000
GPMTD N/A Purchase 8 transit buses $2,603,803
GPMTD N/A Purchase 20 transit buses $1,600,000

Contact Jim Webb at jwebb@tricountyrpc.org or call 309-673-9796 ext. 257 if you have questions or need additional information.

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